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Rabbits are a major agricultural and horticultural pest causing decimating shrubs and plants, and causing extensive damage to young trees. It is estimated that in the UK alone, Rabbits damage can cost the agricultural and horticultural industries alone in excess of £100 million per year! It is thought that a single rabbit can consume in the region of a pound or more of vegetation per day and when a rabbits reproduction cycle is taken in to consideration, rabbit problems can soon spiral out of control.

Rabbits can not only cost the agriculture and horticulture industries hundreds of millions of pounds per year, they can also cause damage to managed woodlands; recreational and leisure facilities, undermining of embankments and structures both of which can cause serious public health and safety risks!

Methods of Control

There are various methods of rabbit control available, some of which more successful such as the use of phosphine gas than others such as shooting or ferreting which are more of a hobby than an effective method of control for rabbits. However, the method used for rabbit control greatly depends on the size, nature and location of the problem i.e. rabbits found in public areas require a discrete method of control to minimise public awareness, where as rabbits found on farm land would require a more cost effective solution as the problems are likely to be on a much larger scale.

Rabbit control using Aluminium Phosphide

By far the most effective method of rabbit control available, the use of Aluminium Phosphide is generally the method employed over any other. However, due to its toxicity, Aluminium Phosphide can not be used in certain situations for Rabbit Control and in certain doses is lethal to humans and so should only ever be applied by trained, qualified operators using the correct application equipment. All of our technicians are fully trained, qualified and insured so you can be sure that any work carried out by a Suddenstrike Pest Control technician is being carried out by a competent professional.

Rabbit control using Traps

There are various methods of trapping available to control rabbits such as the use of live catch traps and Fenn traps. These methods whilst not as effective as Aluminium Phosphide are an alternative and are generally employed in situations where the use of Aluminium Phosphide for Rabbit control is either not feasible or legal such as in some domestic situations.

Rabbit control using Long Nets

Rabbit control using long nets is a very useful and effective method of control especially when used in conjunction with other methods and is particularly useful in situations where other methods are either not practice or legal.

Rabbit Proof Fencing

If installed correctly, Rabbit proof fences are an extremely effective method of keeping rabbits out of gardens, fields, cemeteries and many other locations. There are two types of rabbit proof fence available – temporary and permanent. Temporary rabbit proof fences are a short term solution to keeping rabbits out of an area to allow shrubs and plants to grow unhindered. Permanent rabbit proof fencing is usually a long term solution to ongoing problems where rabbits are entering gardens and property from neighbouring land where access to control rabbits is unavailable. See here for more information, and how to arrange a free quote.

Rabbit control using Drop Box Traps

Drop box traps are generally used in conjunction with rabbit proof fencing and commonly found in forest plantations. Rabbit drop box traps are moderately effective and are should not be employed as a main method of control.

Rabbit control using ferrets and shooting/lamping

In past times, ferreting and shooting would have been considered as important methods of rabbit control; however, ferreting (putting a ferret down a rabbit warren) is not an effective method of rabbit control as ferrets will kill only one or two rabbits, and then lay up to eat their kill.

Shooting either using night vision scopes, lamps or on its own is also an ineffective method of control as for every 1 rabbit above ground there is on average a further 33 rabbits below ground. Rabbits will also quickly become wise to shooting and become ‘shy’ and not venture out of their warrens as frequently. There are also many legal implications and requirements that come with shooting rabbits such as involving the police, consideration of surroundings and implications of stray bullets.

Suddenstrike Pest Control Pest Control carry out many rabbit control operations throughout the year, all of our technicians are fully trained, qualified and insured and with over 50 years combined experience, you can be rest assured that you are receiving a quality professional service from experienced, professional technicians.

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