Fly Screen, Insect Screen and Fly Door Installation and Maintenance for Nantwich, Winsford, Northwich, Wilmslow, Sandbach, Cheshire, Stoke on Trent and Surrounding Areas

We supply, install and maintain all types of insect screen.

Current food standards regulations require that any proprietor who is involved in food processing, food production or food retail for human consumption must have in place reasonable measures to minimise the risks posed by pests and to ensure that procedures are in place to control pests on their premises. This includes proofing against flying insects through the use of fly screens, insect screens and pvc strip curtain fly screens.

Insects can be sources of contamination and spread of bacteria and disease, they are also considered to be a sign of poor hygiene. Flying insects such as flies, moths and gnats do contaminate food stuffs and compromise the health, safety and hygiene of customers through bacteria that they carry. Although these insects can not always be prevented, adequate steps must be taken to minimise this risk.

At Suddenstrike Pest Control Ltd, we provide a wide range of high quality fly screens and insect screens to protect you, your customers and your property from flying insects without blocking out any natural light. All fly screens are made to measure easy to maintain, durable and versatile, they can be fitted to almost any type of door or window.

We supply various types of insect screen, all made to measure and installed to suit your requirements. Fly screens supplied include –

  • Standard mesh fly screen – Comprised of a powder coated aluminium frame clad with fine mesh; these are the standard issue insect screens and are a great way of keeping flying insects out.
  • Standard chain window insect screens – These are an alternative to the standard mesh window screen, they are easily installed and maintained, and provide a cost effective solution.
  • Roller Insect Screens – Roller fly screens can be used for both windows and doors, featuring an easy to operate pull-down (spring loaded and chain driven options available) mesh screen that provides excellent protection against flying insects.
  • Standard mesh fly doors – A larger version of the standard mesh fly screen for windows, the fly doors can be fitted with kickboards for added durability.
  • Insect chain screens – Constructed using lightweight aluminium chains, these are a suitable alternative for doors where regular use is require such as in kitchens, shops etc… Chain screens are easy to walk through and provide effective protection against flying insects.
  • PVC Strip curtain insect screens and fly screens – Ideal for use in food processing plants and storage depots, these provide excellent protection against flying insects.

All of our fly screens and insect screens are made to measure to suit your individual needs.