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Why Choose Suddenstrike Pest Control?

  • All of our pest control technicians are experienced and fully qualified to BPCA level 2, ensuring we offer you an unrivalled service and reliable advice
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  • With over 30 years experience, we guarantee a high quality of service
  • Contracts are available for regular scheduled visits throughout the year, to keep your home, farm or business free from rodent infestations.

How to Get Rid of Mice

The best way to get rid of mice is to call a professional pest control company. Mice breed very quickly and can fit through the smallest of spaces, it is very difficult to control an infestation of mice without professional treatment.

Our technicians will survey the area, identify any access points and the best places to treat the problem. We endeavour not only to treat the problem, but to prevent future infestations as much as possible by blocking any obvious entrance points and offering advice on how to prevent mice activity.

The fastest way to get rid of mice will always be to call a professional, get in touch on 01270 619 147 and we will have a pest control technician with you as soon as possible.

How to Control Mice

Mice are attracted to places where there is a warm spot to nest, and a food source. As mice have soft skeletons and can fit through very small gaps, blocking up every entrance point may not be possible, but eliminating their food source will prevent them from coming back. Generally mice are attracted to cereals, seeds, oats and fruit, keeping these in an airtight container will stop any unwanted visitors.

Controlling mice where there is a constant source of food, such as farms and food preparation sites requires regular pest control visits throughout the year to keep rodent numbers to a minimum. Sites like this will always have rodent issues to due to the readily available supply of food, however effective control will stop infestations from getting out of hand.

Signs of Mice

Mice are usually nocturnal and can stay out of sight before you begin to suspect a problem. Look out for the signs of mice and call us as soon as you can for effective treatment. Evidence to look out for includes:

  • Droppings – They will be scattered randomly and are small and dark
  • Strong smell – Mouse urine has a strong ammonia smell, and as they urinate frequently the smell will be stronger the closer you are, and can linger after the infestation has been eradicated
  • Scratching noises – When mice are active, mostly during the night, you may hear scurrying or scratching sounds in the loft, in walls or under floorboards
  • Nests – Mice will use soft materials to shred for their nest, such as cardboard, paper or insulation
  • Footprints – Unused dusty lofts can show rodent footprints
  • Grease marks – Rodents will leave track marks caused by dirt and grease on their bodies brushing against walls, skirting boards and holes on their regular route

Any of these signs indicate mice activity, call us as soon as you can before a small problem turns into a huge infestation, mice breed quickly!

How to Prevent Mice

In domestic properties the best way to prevent mice is to block up any obvious entry points (our pest control technicians can do this for you) and secure food such as cereals, oats and seeds in airtight containers. To stop mice from coming into your home, stop them from getting to a food source.

For farms, food preparation sites, or business that have a constant supply of food readily available, we recommend a contract with regular visits to keep mouse activity to a minimum.

How to Keep Mice Out

Mice can fit through very small spaces, and only a certain amount can be done to block up entry points, older buildings have a lot more spaces for mice to fit through, and if the opportunity is there they will take it! As mentioned, the best ways to prevent mice are to block up the larger and more obvious points, and keep food stored as securely as possible.

There are many home remedies that claim to deter mice, these are unlikely to work, and if they do it will be for a short time, if mice find something they don’t like they will take another route, professional pest control is much more effective than mouse deterrent.

Are Mice Dangerous?

There are many health and safety risks involved with rodent activity, they can spread a number of diseases and bacteria that can be transferred to humans, including:

  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonella
  • Weil’s disease

They can also carry ticks and fleas, presenting the problem and a secondary infestation.

As well as a threat to health and safety, they also pose problems to loss of stock, contamination, damage to reputation, property damage and risk of electrical fire.

If mice are on your property, farm or business, by law it is your responsibility to ensure that rodent problems are controlled, particularly in commercial properties where there is food storage, food preparation and food production, you will need to ensure steps are taken to prevent rodents gaining access to your property.

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