Spider Advice


It would be wrong to suggest that chemical control of spiders is necessary in most domestic premises within this country. Spiders are solitary creatures and it is not often that they are seen in large numbers in a property. A large number of spiders usually indicates that there is a good supply of food for them. Thus, by dealing with the food supply (e.g. small insects) you may help to discourage the spiders.

Spiders form an important part of the food chain. They do not carry diseases and do not cause damage to property. In fact, they are beneficial to humans, as they help to reduce other insect pests present in their vicinity.

Spiders regularly groom and clean themselves. This behaviour is also applied to their webs. If dusty or dirty cobwebs are found, it is most likely that they have been abandoned.

The best way to remove spiders is to use a cup or glass. Place the cup/glass over the spider and slide a piece of paper underneath to trap it. The spider can then be set free outside.

Spiders found indoors during the autumn months are usually seeking a cool dark environment to shelter over the winter, turning up heating systems can dissuade intrusion and will dry up any egg batches laid within the household. There are aerosol sprays available that we recommend for use against spiders. These may be purchased from supermarkets or DIY stores.

It is recommended that chemicals only be used as a last resort.


Are they harmful?

Spiders are found throughout the country however there are no dangerous species native to the UK. Spiders can live in many different areas but cause the most distress when found in the home.

Spiders are predatory and feed on insects, e.g. flies. Spiders in the UK are not dangerous and help in the control of other insects within the home due to their feeding habits.

Most spiders kill their prey by injecting poison into them, from their fangs. In the UK there are few spiders that are able to puncture human skin, and even less cause any significant problems.


Care should always be taken when using insecticides and the manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed. Insecticides should not be placed anywhere where they may be accessible to children or animals.

Always wash hands immediately after using pesticides.

Please contact us if you require any assistance.

Warning: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Information provided by Killgerm.