Rodent Proofing

Simple ways to rodent proof your home and garden to prevent infestations

Rodents are a common pest in homes, gardens and businesses. A rodent infestation can be a distressing experience, however with professional pest control and some easy prevention tips, you can keep your home pest free.

Usually our busiest time for rodent control is when the weather starts to get colder and rodents seek shelter and a place to nest. This year has been an exception due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) lockdown. Rats have had to find another food source as towns, cities and public places were deserted. This forced them into our homes and gardens in search of their next meal.

There are some simple ways to rodent proof your home to help avoid an infestation. Making your home and garden as unattractive as possible to rodents is the best prevention method.


Make sure all open food is in a sealed container. Cupboards and storage areas should be kept clean and organised.

Waste should be covered with a secure lid both inside and outside.


Keeping a clean and tidy house will eliminate any food scraps or crumbs being left lying around for rodents to spot.

Clean out of sight areas where crumbs can gather, including under fridges, ovens and dishwashers.

Remove uneaten pet food, bird food and remove fallen fruit, and keep areas clean.


Keep clutter to an absolute minimum both in the house an in the garden.

Remove any debris and overgrown vegetation, this makes it less attractive to rodents and easier to spot any rodent holes.

Entry Points

Seal up any obvious cracks and gaps. This can be difficult as rodents can fit through small gaps, and chew through a number of materials. Regularly inspecting these areas will help to keep on top of it.

Call the Professionals

If a rodent problem develops, it is often quite difficult to get rid of the problem yourself. Rodents are very smart creatures, and products available to the general public are not as effective as professional use products.

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