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Following a long period of closure due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, businesses will now start to reopen on the 1st and 15th of June. As many commercial premises have been left relatively undisturbed for several weeks, this could have given pests the ideal opportunity to make it their new home.


Rats and mice had their food supply suddenly cut as restaurants and cafes closed, and city centres became deserted. Their usual food sources were gone and they needed to find and alternative. Rodents have been heading into homes, farms and commercial properties to find food.

If your office, warehouse or shop is close to a food supply they may have taken this opportunity to find their way in.

The danger in offices is that there are a lot of wires that the rodents like to chew through. This can be an expensive fix and also create a fire hazard.

Farms may need regular pest control visits if there is a constant supply of food for the rodents. Rats and mice eating their way through feed can also be very costly.


Around the start of the lockdown, queen wasps would have been emerging and looking for a place to start building their nest. We have recently treated our first wasp nest of the season, so it’s likely we’ll start seeing more worker wasps soon.

Wasps can gain access through small gaps and holes in eaves and roof spaces, so you may not know you have one until you start seeing more worker wasp activity around the entrance point.

If you can see the nest or entry point we can treat the nest. It is not necessary to remove the nest as they do not reuse old nests, new nests are built every year.


Ants are more of an irritating pest than a harmful one. As soon as they’ve discovered a food source they will alert the rest of the colony. They can find a way in through very small spaces so trying to stop them is almost impossible.

The best way to keep ants away is to make sure they cannot get to any food. Make sure all food is secure or stored in airtight containers.

Ant control products bought from DIY stores or supermarkets should kill any ants you see on the surface, but aren’t strong enough to get the the heart of the nest and destroy it completely. Our treatments are for professional use only, and therefore it is a stronger product which can successfully get into the nest.

Pest Control Contracts

If you have a recurring pest problem it would be worthwhile to consider a pest control contract, as a business owner you are responsible for any pest problems. If there is a food source on site it will be difficult to control the pests without a plan in place.

Our contracts provide regular visits to suit your needs, providing reassurance and protection from all pests at all times.

Pest control for Cheshire

Our team provide services to all areas of Cheshire, based in Nantwich we have good access to surrounding areas. We also provide pest control for Shropshire and Staffordshire. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in dealing with all pests in any environment.

More guidance can be found on the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) website, here you can find guidance for reopening your business after lockdown.

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