Pest Control in Nantwich

We provide a fast, local, and effective pest control service in Nantwich, for all domestic, commercial and agricultural properties.

With over 30 years experience we have fully qualified technicians to provide safe and effective pest control, pest proofing, and advice. We are based in Nantwich, on the outskirts of the town and have great access to the town and surrounding areas.

Our pest control vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems, so we can get a technician to you in Nantwich as soon as possible and give you an accurate update of when they will be there.

We use a range of professional pest control methods for any level of infestation, and we ensure any treatments carried out are safe and highly effective to eradicate your pest problem, including:

• Rats
• Mice
• Wasps
• Moles
• Bedbugs
• Fleas
• Cockroaches
• Ants
• Squirrels

These are the most common pests, however if you are experiencing pest problems with any other insects or mites not mentioned here, please give us a call. One of our technicians will collect a sample and we can discuss your options further from there.

Many businesses, farms, restaurants and commercial properties in Nantwich use our contract service to ensure their premises stays pest free. Our contracts provide a tailored pest control service suited to your needs, with regular visits, treatment reports and all relevant paperwork.

If you’re in need of fast, friendly, and effective pest control in Nantwich, call us now on 01270 619147.