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Where are they coming from?

House flies come from any nearby area that has an area for them to develop, such as farms, waste sites, compost pile, or any other areas where there is decaying organic matter. House flies are attracted to this as it is a suitable place for them to lay their eggs.

Fruit flies are attracted to sugar, and are common where there is overripe fruit, or spilled sugary drinks.

Cluster flies invade homes during winter to hibernate. Usually more common in rural areas as the larvae feed on earthworms. They often invade in large numbers and will return year after year if not professionally treated.

Best way to get rid of flies

The best treatment for flies is to find out what type of fly it is, and the source of the infestation. House flies are attracted to decaying matter so if there is or has been a rodent problem they may be attracted to dead rats or mice in your property. It is important to contact a professional pest control company to carry out the rodent control, to minimise the risk of dead rodents attracting flies.

Most commonly the main attraction for flies is food, or decaying matter. Ensure the area is kept clean, tidy and waste is disposed of securely, or the problem will reoccur.

Cluster flies will need to be professionally treated, as DIY fly sprays are not as effective when reaching flies that are hibernating in small cracks and crevices.

How to get rid of flies in the house

Common house flies and nuisance flies are attracted to food and waste. Remove all waste and store securely, and keep the house clean. If poor hygiene is an issue, the flies will keep returning.

Cluster flies are attracted to the same property year after year and commonly hibernate in loft spaces. The space will need to be treated each year until the fly infestation has been eradicated. In rural areas this may be a recurring issue.

How to get rid of flies outside

Keeping a clean and tidy garden is essential for keeping flies away. Make sure compost is stored securely, and dispose of waste correctly. Stagnant water will attract flies, so be sure to clean guttering, pet bowls and bird baths often to avoid attracting unwanted pests.

Fly Control

In businesses such as restaurants, cafes and food preparation warehouses or factories, the presence of flies will be ongoing, and without effective control they can be incredibly damaging to a business. Flies carry the threat of spreading disease, and the presence of flies will alert the public into thinking the premises are dirty and unhygienic, giving an immediate negative impression.

In these situations permanent fly control is advised. We provide the service of supplying, installing and maintaining electric fly killer units and glue board fly killers. We can also provide made to measure fly screens for windows and doors.

Professional Insect Control

For fly and insect infestations we would always advise on a professional treatment. DIY fly repellent, fly traps, and fly deterrent are only a temporary solution, and will not be as effective.

We can arrange a fly treatment at a time convenient for you, call us on 01270 619 147 to book, or just for advice. We also offer free surveys and quotes if you would like to install fly exterminators, electric fly killers, or window and door screens.

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With over 30 years of pest control experience, we offer a wide range of fly control options, in order to tackle the problem quickly and efficiently.